The National CSR Awards seek to:

  • recognize the companies that have positively impacted both business and society by taking a strategic approach to CSR through collaborative program.
  • recognize the companies that are leading transformation by integrating sustainability in their core business model.
  • recognize companies for implementing measures for conservation and sustainable management of the biodiversity and ecosystem in the value chain.
  • identifying innovative approaches and employing application and technologies that will help to build a robust CSR programs to further the cause of inclusive and sustainable development.

It is likely to be given in the month of August/September, 2017

The 4 categories of companies to be contesting in the award process will be as follows:

  1. Companies (other than PSEs) having CSR spending equal to or above Rs 5 crore in FY 2015 - 16
  2. Companies (other than PSEs) having CSR spending below Rs 5 crore in FY 2015 – 16
  3. Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs) having CSR spending equal to or above Rs 5 crore in FY 2015 – 16
  4. Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs) having CSR spending below Rs 5 crore in FY 2015 – 16

The 4 broad sectors of the CSR awards for which the applicants will be applying will be as follows:

  • Human development
  • Economic development
  • Social welfare
  • Environment and Sustainable Development

16, one each for company categories across four broad sectors for each company category.

To apply for NCSRA one have to either fill the application form online or in offline mode

Only companies can apply for National CSR Awards

No. Individuals can not apply for consideration of National CSR Awards.

There are two modes of entry i.e.

  • By application and
  • By nomination.

Information / application can be submitted either through online application portal or hard copy through speed post/in-person submission.

Online applications can be submitted on National-CSR-awards.iica.in. For fuller details, please refer to guidelines.

An interested company can download the application form from Nationalcsrawards.iica.in and submit a field in application form before 2nd July, 2017 to Nodal Officer, National CSR Awards, Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs, Plot No. 6,7,8, Sector 5, IMT Manesar, Gurugram- 122052.

Anyone can nominate a company for National CSR Awards by providing the following information: Outstanding achievement and contact details of the company.

Yes. The nominated company has to provide full information in accordance with the prescribed format either online or in hard copy.

Full details of the process can be seen in the guidelines.

For further details visit www.mca.gov.in, www.nationalcsrawards.iica.in. You may direct your queries to :-

Nodal Officer
IICA Campus, Sector-5,
IMT Manesar, Pin Code- 122052

Once the applications are received the first level of scrutiny will be done. In case of deficiencies in an application, the Secretariat will inform the applicants through the on line portal as well as the designated e-mail address of the applicant about the deficiencies in an application, further the applicants will need to rectify the deficiencies.

There may be short listing of applications, if required, in accordance with the guidelines of the Jury. Each such short-listed entry will thereafter undergo field verification by independent research agencies.

Finally selection of awards will be made by the Jury in accordance with the objectives of the National CSR Awards.

No. No prize money is to be given to winners of National CSR Awards.